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Lint Brush for Clothes, 3 in 1 Garment Brush - Double Sided Wood Handle


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  • DURABLE BRUSH: Sturdy constructed custom designed all purpose apparel brush, ergonomic handle on a solid hardwood base with a nice finish, a Durable and reusable home brush!!!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The two-sided head is to remove pet lint and dust form cloths, jackets, dresses, pants and shirts. A convenient cloth brush.
  • LINT & DUST REMOVER: 1 side has black velvet, the other side is black soft bristles that easy removes any hair from human, cat or pet hair, keeps free of clingy threads, lint and small fuzz balls.
  • SOFT BRISTLES: The bristles are sturdy but soft enough to not damage clothing your clothing and upholstery will be looking their best with this handy napped brush.
  • SHOE HORN: As a bonus it has at the tip of the handle a shoehorn to help you or your kids ware shoes to a comfort fit. This precious handy brush is a must for every home!!