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Courant Red Personal Griddle and Pizza Maker 7" 1pc


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7" Personal size, Griddle & Pizza Makers; These small & mighty "ovens" that can really cook up a storm! The sleek makers are an amazing timesaving solution for any mealtime and will have your food perfectly prepared in a matter of minutes. Available in a choice of 2 colors. Cool Features include a Non-stick surface for smooth slide-off & clean-up, Cool-touch housing, and skid-resistant feet. The 7" compacted designed makers store away easily, making them the perfect fit for dorm rooms or office spaces.
  • Sleek Design with a 7" Cooking Surface
  • Bakes Rapidly, making food in 10 Minutes or less.
  • Non-Stick Surface
  • Easy Slide-Off and Clean-Up
  • Power on & Ready-to-Use Lights
  • Cool Touch Housing
  • Skid-Resistant Feet
  • 750 Watts