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Dominion Double Electric Burner, 2, Stainless Steel/Black


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  • POWERFUL & COMPACT HOT PLATE - Dominion’s double stainless steel countertop electric flat burner is the perfect solution for any warming, boiling, or cooking needs. The unit heats up fast so you don’t have to wait around. Whether its cooking some pasta and making soup simultaneously - Dominion has you covered. We put time and effort into creating a great product to make your life a little easier. The Dominion double flat burner features a plate that heat up consistently / evenly so you can your
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, & PORTABLE - This burner is the perfect for addition for any table, kitchen counter, or desk. The unit features non-slip feet so it won’t move around on the surface its on. Additionally, this unit won’t take up much space if it’s not being used so it’s easy to store away in a cabinet or shelf. It’s perfect on the go solution for picnics, road trips, hikes, camping, RVs, and more. Why have a cold sandwich when you can warm something up on the road!
  • EASY ONE STEP OPERATION & QUIET OPERATION - This burner is easy to use - Just plug it in, and adjust the temperature regulating thermostat controls. Each burner features its own temperature control so you have flexibility to use one stove or two relative to your cooking needs! The unit features dual power indicator lights to let you know that the unit is heating up. This burner was designed to operate quietly without making too much noise or disturbing nearby friends or family. Cook something up