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Hot Air Cinema Popcorn Cart


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The perfect complement to any party! This Salton hot air corn starter is the perfect accessory for your home theater night with its compact design. Give yourself a healthy treat without oil! The dual-purpose measuring cup allows you to pour the beans into the compartment and melt the butter while the corn bursts! Convenient for serving, the burst chute directs the popcorn into your bowl. The burst compartment is easy to fill. You can add corn kernels directly into the compartment and the transparent, removable lid for easy cleaning allows you to monitor the popping corn. Add more fun to a movie night at home with crispy popcorn.

. Healthy, without oil
. Compact design
. Dual-use - measuring cup also serves to melt butter
. Easy to clean - removable lid makes cleaning easy
. Convenient - the chute directs popcorn into a bowl (bowl not included)
. Hot air flow - bursting airflow burst chamber produces fewer unburst grains
. Burst compartment easy to fill - pour the beans directly into the burst compartment
. Perfect for a movie night! Use warm air, no oil, for a low-calorie snack