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Korkmaz Nora Cookware Pots and Pan Set, 7 Piece

  • EXQUISITE SET FOR COOKING ANY RECIPE - Modern Nora Cookware set collection includes 3-quart covered pot, 5-quart covered pot, 3-quart low casserole pot, and 10-inch (2-quart) fry pan. Complete gear for cooking high-end recipes in less than half the time
  • IMPRESSIVE SCRATCH RESISTANT, NON-STICK COATING - Amazon performance of these pots and pan sets is engineered with revolutionary volcanite PTFE coating that is twice as durable even the fiercely metal utensil can’ damage. It is non-reactive, cooks without toxic gas, and does not contain harmful heavy metals like lead and cadmium
  • HIGH THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY - The high precision encapsulated aluminum core base provides fast and even heat distribution without leaving hot spots, thus reducing burning and long cooking time
  • MADE WITH RECYCLABLE MATERIALS - Our cookware are made from recycled aluminum and coated with silicone, completely natural materials with environmentally friendly technology produced in Weilburger in Germany.
  • COOK WITH MINIMAL OIL - Enjoy preparing healthy dishes without having to add oil, butter or fat to your recipe. With Korkmaz Nora cookware, you will lower calorie count and maintain a well-balanced diet