Kosher Clock 3 For Weekdays, Shabbos & Yom Tov And Travel

Kosher Clock 3 For Weekdays, Shabbos & Yom Tov And Travel

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KosherClock3 for Weekdays, Shabbos & Yom Tov and Travel

Product Description

Ten alarms - enough for your busy schedule
Set alarms for the time AND day you need
Innovative outer case blocks buttons on Shabbos
Alarms shut off automatically after 1 minute
Easy to use - forward & reverse buttons
Two volume settings for alarms (plus mute)
Perfect size for Travel
Week Day Alarm (won't ring on weekend)
It's a great gadget for gift-giving
A good way to keep track of when to take pills or vitamins


KosherClock3 has a unique, innovative outer sleeve that can be rotated to give you 3 different modes: Shabbos Mode, Weekday Mode, and Travel Mode.

During the week, rotate the outer sleeve so you can see the screen and press all the buttons, including the Snooze button.

Before Shabbos, orient the outer sleeve so you can only see the screen but cannot press any buttons. There is no problem with muktzah and the alarm shuts off automatically after one minute!

To protect your KosherClock3 for travel, rotate the outer sleeve so the screen and buttons are covered.


Are you one of those people who hears the alarm ring only to blindly reach out, shut it off and go back to sleep? Even with an alarm, you still don't get out of bed! KosherClock3 has a way to wake you up:

Simply put KosherClock3 in Shabbos Mode and when your hand goes hunting for a button to shut off the alarm, there won't be anything to press. Shabbos Mode covers all of the buttons. Then you'll have to wake up and switch KosherClock3 back to Weekday mode where you are able to press a button to silence the alarm. Either that or listen to the alarm beep for a whole minute!

Weekday Mode
TEN alarms
2 alarm volume settings
snooze button
forward & reverse buttons to set the time quicker
Weekday Alarm: make 1 alarm ring Monday - Friday at the same time, leaving 9 more alarms for your busy schedule!

Shabbos Mode
no problem with Mukzah
can't press any buttons
the alarm shuts off after 1 minute
can set multiple alarms to ring 5 minutes apart, to act as a snooze feature

Travel Mode
screen and buttons are protected
buttons won't accidentally be pressed to reset alarms
slim and compact for travel
can still hear an alarm if desired while traveling