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Orly Global - Pasta Steamer Insert


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Strauss Tango is made of extra heavy duty mirror finish 18/10 stainless steel. Pasta inserts ease the effort of cooking pasta, corn on the cob, lobster, or any other boiled food. Simply cook your food of choice, then lift the insert by its double loop handles and hold it over the sink to drain. You'll graduate from pasta-cooking fool to seasoned pasta professional in no time. The insert, part of the Contemporary Nonstick line, fits comfortably in the 8.5 Qt Strauss Tango Stockpot. It features a hard-anodized stainless-steel exterior and nonstick interior to combine durability and performance in a single package. It's also an attractive accompaniment, giving your cooking space a flair normally reserved for professional kitchens. The insert includes a lifetime warranty.