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Superio Wicker Laundry Basket Plastic with Cutout Handles 50 Liter (Ivory)


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  • ELEGANT WEAVE DESIGN: You'll love the elegant look of the wicker style weave. it allows airflow to reduce dampness and musty smells from building up. Unlike wood based, there are no sharp or pointy edges that can get caught on clothing or snag and rip linens and towels.
  • SPACE SAVER: Don't want to air your dirty laundry to the public? This basket is meant to fit into tight places to save space or to hide away out of view. The widest part is 14.75"...yet it still holds 13 gallons!
  • CUTOUT HANDLES: the laundry basket is designed to make you a convenience laundry washing experience. The 3 cutout handles make’s it easy to carry to the wash machine, even when its full with cloths.
  • CURVED SHAPE: Modern designed - one of the long sides is curved in it allows it to be carried comfortably on the hip with one hand and gives it a homey nature, it is a precious piece and will make your home, bathroom or laundry room look beautiful.
  • TOP QUALITY: Superio and Palm Luxe hampers are sturdy constructed with durable materials, it will last for years. This basket is available in 4 colors and has matching Laundry Hampers, Trash Cans and Toiletries.