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Premium Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl -0.75 Quart 1pc

  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION - These mixing bowls are crafted with high quality commercial grade stainless steel for strength and durability that can be used as both baking mixing bowls and serving bowls, and ensures you use them for years to come. The metal won’t stain or absorb odors, and it’s rust-resistant
  • GRADUATING SIZES FOR DIFFERENT FOOD TASKS - Whether you need containers for marinating meats for the grill, serve fruit salads, or mix ingredients to make desserts, these mixing bowls come in a variey of sizes so  you can choose for prepping foods Our bowls are easy to clean or just toss them into the dishwasher
  • EASY TO HANDLE AND POURING - The rounded-lip on these stainless steel bowls set give you easy handle while the wide rim allows liquids and ingredients to flow evenly when pouring
  • SPACE-SAVING DESIGN - If you buy more than one size eachcontainer can be nested inside of each other for easy organization in the kitchen while the polished mirror finish on both interior and exterior adds a luxurious aesthetic
  • VERSATILE USE - Use these bowls to mix salads, marinate meat for baking or grilling, make tasty sauces and dressings, and more. We’ve seen them used as well for popcorn, fruit snacks, ice cream, and much more. This bowl measures as follows: Overall Height top to bottom: 2.87 inches, Upper Diameter: 6.5 inches, Capacity 0.75 Quart


Pour, sift, mix, mash, smash, knead or whatever else you can think of with these premium stainless steel bowls

A Staple Set in Your Collection for Years to Come

These premium quality mixing bowls are built to last a lifetime and provide you with plenty of uses in the kitchen from cooking to food preparation. What makes these bowls the ultimate choice for home chefs is the quality craftsmanship of each piece. Crafted with commercial grade stainless steel, these elegant bowls offer exceptional durability and strength for a variety of purposes. They are rust resistant, shatterproof, and never stain or absorb odors.

Deeper Interior or Larger Servings and Less Mess

When it comes to marinating meats for grill or mix a wide range of ingredients for making desserts, these bowls are deeper than standard bowls so you can enjoy making larger quantities to serve. The small metal bowls are excellent for whisking and beating and the large ones are great for mixing batters, tossing salads, marinating, and storing.

Easy to Clean

Our kitchen bowls are easy to clean by hand or you throw them in the dishwasher. They make perfect gift for Thanksgiving, Holidays, and other gift-giving occasions.