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Silikomart Platinum Silicone Biscuit Chocolate Mould


Chocolate Silicone Mould. Make your own chocolates look as good as they taste with Silikomart Chocolate moulds. Flexible with deep cavities and easy to use. Great for making chocolates, butter, ice and even candy. 100% Platinum Silicone moulds that are durable, versatile and safe to use in the freezer, refrigerator, at room temperature, microwave and oven as well as in the dishwasher. Perfectly functional at all temperatures between -76 degrees and +446 degrees F (-60C and +230C), they are UV resistant and do not deteriorate over time. Made in Italy by Silikomart, the premier European supplier of silicone baking moulds and accessories. Silikomart products are carefully tested and are FDA and CE compliant and guaranteed for 3000 uses.