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GOURMEX Black Resist Frying Pan 20CM

$3419 $3799

Whether you call it a frypan, frying pan or skillet you are looking for the perfect pan that will sear and brown your vegetable, fish or egg to the perfect degree without burning.

Here we have brought you the exact frypan you were looking for

  • Thick cast body with a non-stick coating
  • Perfect for all heat sources, including induction
  • Easy to care for and clean
  • Eco-friendly and PFOA free
  • Compatible with GOURMEX universal lids
  • Full guarantee 

We know about failed attempts to fry the perfect, simple omelet or to brown salmon nuggets for dinner. We know about scratched and warped skillets, uneven heat distribution and unbalanced handles. And that's why we have perfected the simple frying pan to give you the opportunity of cooking like a professional Master Chef. The thick, anodized body will never warp or burn and allows you to use the pan on any heat source like gas, coal and even on induction stovetops. The pan is coated with a non-stick coating to make sure your food doesn't stay stuck to the pan and makes cleaning a pleasure. Without any leftover burnt residue, all you need to remove after frying is the grease. Simple enough to use some soapy water and a soft sponge or even just use the dishwasher to do the job for you!

And if you aren't 100% satisfied with the pan or if it gets damaged, we will take full responsibility.


  • Before using for the first time wash with warm soapy water. Rinse and dry completely.
  • Use non-abrasive utensils for stirring, mixing and turning like wood, silicone or nylon
  • Do not heat the pan when empty
  • Do not immerse in cold water if the pan is still hot
  • When not in use, keep the pan completely dry.