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Au Bon Cake Torah Tablets Cookie Cutter & Embosser Set, 4.25"

  • The overall cutter is 4.25" x 3"
  • Outside cutter is 2cm high and made to cut the cookie or fondant
  • The inner piece is a 1cm, thick solid piece that is made to impress the outside of the tablets, so the details like the letters sticks up after.
  • The set creates a 3D, outward popping details.
  • The set can be used without fondant, it can be used just to impress into a cookie directly.
  • The outer cutter is sized a little bit smaller then the inner impression so that any outside oozing will be trimmed away.
  • Made of food safe plastic.
  • Should be hand washed in warm water as excessive dishwasher heat may deform the cutters.