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YBM Large Plastic Cutting Board 16x10" 1pc

  • IDEAL FOR EARLY STAGE FOOD PREPARATION - This chopping cutting board is designed for everyday kitchen tasks. From cutting vegetables to chopping and slicing meats, poultry and fish, this piece helps prepare ingredients you need for the next cooking step.
  • SMOOTH, NON-POROUS SURFACE - Made of premium polypropylene plastic, this kitchen cutting board is tough enough to withstand sharp knives during the chopping, slicing, and dicing process. Poly material is great as it is non absorbent, nonporous and will not harbor stains.
  • REVERSIBLE & GROOVED DESIGN - Double the usage with the reversible concept. Double sided design allows efficiency and prevent flavor mingling while you cook. The grooves around the edge of the board prevents food juices from dripping on the countertop.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Once cutting and chopping is over, you can toss your cutting board into the dishwasher safe for hands-free cleaning and trouble free maintenance.
  • EXCELLENT SIZE - Measures 16 in. Length x 10 in. Width. Our cutting boards are available in blue, pink, and white.