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RoseBerry Black/White Dazzle Hand Towel 19x30" 1pc


Luxuriously crafted Dreamy soft, fluffy and thick Highly absorbent and fast drying, Durable and fade resistant Machine washable with no lint shedding Great for personal and household use 19"x30" Experience the high-quality, luxurious feel of RoseBerry's Black/White Dazzle Hand Towel. This towel is expertly designed to be dreamy soft, fluffy, and thick, providing a highly absorbent experience that dries quickly. And unlike other towels, it is durable and fade resistant, so you can trust that it will last for years to come. Plus, with its easy machine wash and no lint shedding features, this towel is perfect for both personal use and around the household. Measuring at a convenient 19"x30", it's the perfect addition to any bathroom or linen closet.