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ICM Smoke Glass Pitcher 0.75L 1pc


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There is something about that cup of tea that transports us to a peaceful realm of reverie. This Stripe Smoke Tea/Water Jug is an exceptional quality design that will keep you refreshed all day long for your little Tea-Me-Time. This work of art has been carefully created to provide you with the perfect balance of visual appeal and outstanding performance. The water jug's striped design makes it suitable for use as a focal point on a dinner table. The jug's handle is ergonomically designed to make lifting it easy, and its platform is built to be as stable as possible. It’s clear glass body shows which beverage is being served and its quality stainless steel lid features the double flow option of a fully open dispenser for cool water or a filtered choice for herbal teas. Ideal for all occasions.
  • lid features double flow option; Fully open dispenser or a filtered choice
  • Convenient handle design
  • A dripless spout ensures cleanliness
  • 0.75L capacity
  • Concise stripe design and stylish shape