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Kosher Fridgeez 1pc


What is a Kosher Fridg-eez™?Do you like having a light in your refrigerator all week but need a way to keep the light off during Shabbos or Yom Tov? That is what the Kosher Fridg-eez is for. It"s designed to hold down the fridge light switch in order to keep the light turned off. When Shabbos or Yom Tov is over, simply pull the plastic tab to remove it, letting the fridge light shine again. What makes Kosher Fridg-eez™ so special?It"s a simple and inexpensive solution to a common problem: how to keep the light turned off during Shabbos that is not messy, so you won"t have to remove the bulb or keep applying tape over and over again. There"s no cutting involved, Fridg-eez is ready to use right out of the package.How it works:Kosher Fridg-eez™ is made from reusable velcro. There are three pieces: two short Fridg-eez strips with an adhesive backing (to stay attached to the fridge) and one long Fridg-eez strip with a plastic pull-tab. Just stick the two small Fridg-eez strips on either side of the light switch and use the long Fridg-eez velcro strip to hold down the light switch.Includes:-2 small self-adhesive velcro strips-1 large velcro strip with sturdy pull-tab