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NUK Boys Color OrthoStar Advanced Orthodontic Pacifier 6-18 Months 2pc


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NUK orthodontic pacifiers and developmental teethers are designed to promote healthy oral development. NUK developed the original orthodontic pacifier based on the shape of Mom's nipple more than 50 years ago. Today, NUK offers a complete line of pacifiers that promote healthy oral development while soothing and comforting your baby. NUK is also used by thousands of birthing hospitals in the US every year. The latest breakthrough from NUK is a line-up of Advanced Orthodontic Pacifiers that support the natural development of jaws and teeth. NUK also offers a line-up of developmental teethers that are specially designed to meet the needs of babies at each stage of teething and soothing. All NUK pacifiers and teethers combine superior science with appealing designs so your baby looks stylish too! NUK Design Orthostar Advanced Orthodontic pacifier (6-18 months) is heart shaped shield, naturally shaped nipple, scoop nipple cavity, thinner neck, integrated channels. Dentist-endorsed. Contemporary clear shield with stylish designs. NUK OrthoStar pacifiers advantages over common pacifiers: 1. Heart Shaped Shield-prevents irritation. 2. Natural Shape Nipple-mimics mom's. 3. Scoop Nipple Cavity-maximizes tongue movement. 4. Thinner Neck-less jaw pressure. 5. Integrated Channels-less palate pressure.