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Salton Black Multipurpose Hot Water Kettle 1.5L 1pc

  • VERSATILE: hot water using the water dispenser or the spout
  • Unlimited hot water mode: open the integrated water dispenser of the Salton multi-purpose kettle, place the cup under it and choose the desired amount of water. Press the on-off button and hot water will flow directly into the cup.
  • Kettle mode: close the integrated water dispenser and press the on-off button. When the water is ready, remove the kettle from the cordless base and pour in the hot water.
  • Quick boil: dispenses hot water in 95 seconds
  • Eco-friendly: only boils as much water as you want - no waste!
  • Boil the water by pressing the on-off button and stop the process at any time by pressing the cancel button.
  • Illuminated window, indicating the water level
  • Lid unfolds to easily fill the kettle
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Wireless base and space for the power cord
  • Removable drip tray
  • 1.5 l capacity
  • Dry boil protection: Turns off when the kettle is plugged in empty