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YBM Home White Drawer organizers Adjustable 21"x2"x3" 2pc


Ybm home Premium Drawer Dividers are the most effective, versatile, and customizable drawer organizers available. These sturdy, adjustable spring-loaded dividers fit and compliment any style and type of drawer.
Some of the key features include:
Fast and Convenient: No tools required. These set of 2 drawer dividers are equipped with strong spring-loaded action for quick and easy installation and removal.
Perfect Size: Use a single 3.5 in. high divider for kitchen, desk, utility or junk drawers. Stack them to create a higher divider for deeper bathroom or bedroom dresser drawers.
Strong, Expandable Spring-Loaded Mechanism: Fits drawers 12.8 in. to 21.7 in. in length. Solves all of the problems and issues that other substandard dividers on the market have. Eliminates gaps, not fitting properly, or falling over and not staying in place.
Easily Clears Clutter Once and For All: A must to have Ybmhome product. Helps clear the blocked, stagnant and unbalanced energy that clutter brings. Experience the joy, bliss, and renewed energy by getting organized.
Versatility: Organizes cutlery, utensils, silverware, office supplies, tools, cosmetics etc. Keep stacks of jeans, t-shirts, bras, socks, etc. separated