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Artika Green Ceramic Paring Knife 1pc

  • LIGHTWEIGHT&ULTRA SHARP:Eocogup ceramic knife weighs less than half of an equivalent metal knife,thereby reducing fatigue and pain associating with preparing big meals and repetitive cutting.And it's super sharp, sharp blades that go years without sharpening,ceramic is almost as hard as diamond.
  • HEALTHY BLADE:The blades will not brown food,are rust-proof ;They won’t absorb any food elements.This means that the original taste,smell, and color of your food will be preserved after cutting.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE:Ideal for cut all types of food - fruit,vegetables,bread and boneless meats,not to be used on hard or frozen foods,and refrain from smashing,striking and carving.
  • PROFESSIONAL:Well-balanced design with comfortable and lightweight ergonomic handles to give you balanced chopping and carving control.