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Envision Home Grey Drying Mat Dish 16x18" 1pc


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  • Catch drips under your dish rack with this mat. don't let your counter top get all wet and dirty while leaving your dishes to dry.
  • Place under appliances to protect the-counter. In addition to being a dish drying mat, you can use it to protect your counters from heavy appliances. Place under your mixer or blender to protect the work surface.
  • Reversible for the most drying power. When one side has absorbed all the wetness it can hold, turn over to get the second side to do its job just as well.
  • Machine washable. When your dishes have been dried, your mat will be full of water. For ever-so easy cleaning just wash it in the was machine to get it all clean again.
  • Its 16" x 18" size allows you to use this mat even if you have a bigger size dish rack. This large size will hold even more dishes than you think.