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Misony grey Hand Towel


  • Dreamy soft, fluffy and thick
  • Highly absorbent and fast drying, Durable and fade resistant
  • Machine washable with no lint shedding
  • Great for personal and household use
  • 19"x30"


In search of irresistibly soft, plush towels that can recreate the level of pampering in luxury hotels? You can stop right here. Our sumptuously soft, fluffy towel collection is designed to offer the most luxurious post shower experience in the comfort of your home. They are also multipurpose - use it to dry your face post workout, remove your makeup, or for regular home cleaning.

Feel the plush embrace of the softest, skin friendly towels that are great for babies, kids and those with sensitivities. They are free from harmful chemicals and ethically made in a certified factory. Unlike regular towels that begin shedding after a couple of washes, our premier designer towels are have no lint and remain plush after every wash. Avoid use bleach or fabric softeners to maintain quality and extend durability.