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YBM Home Plastic Drawer Organizer 5"x11"x2" 2pc


THESE YBM HOME DURABLE FROSTY WHITE PLASTIC SET OF 2 DRAWER ORGANIZER BINS ARE PERFECT FOR in the drawer , in the dresser, on the shelves, closets, and cabinets. They are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, office or garage.
CLASSIFY UNDERWEAR, socks, neck ties, scarves, bras, accessories etc. Easy to find which one you want to wear without creating a mess. Or without too much rummaging; These Drawer/ Closet Organizer KEEPS UNDERGARMENTS, WARDROBE ACCESSORIES, , baby clothes, onesies, burp cloths, bibs, rattles, booties, socks, diapers and other nursery accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, scarves, Ties, Belts or even office supplies or crafts organized, and easily accessible
FOLDS UP WHEN NOT IN USE! Each bin is collapsible, so you can save space when not in use!
Ybm Home Underwear Organizer Measures:5.9 in. W x 11.9 in. L x 2.8 in. H.